eBG50 Electronic BoostGate 50 Charge Air Valve

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The Turbosmart BoostGate 50 is an electronically controlled butterfly-style valve designed for charge pipe boost control. It is manufactured from Billet Aluminum for reduced mass and features the kind of control and flow you expect from the StraightGate series of Turbosmart products.

Unlike a traditional external wastegate, which bypasses gas around the turbine housing aiming to reduce turbocharger shaft speed and effectively, boost levels – Charge Air control is a controlled bleed of the compressed air on the cold side of the turbocharger system. Mounted to the charge pipe, the BoostGate 50 can be used to modulate this air flow directly, rather than the indirect method of traditional control.

Charge-Air Control is specifically suited to applications such as drag racing where turbocharger specifications have already been optimized, and the turbine is not the limiting performance factor. The BoostGate 50 is a zero offset butterfly-styled valve that enables incredible resolution, enormous flow and the kind of boost control required to deliver the perfect pass, every time. Equipped with the Patent Pending Zero-Backdrive gearbox technology to reduce overall power consumption and maximize response, the BoostGate 50 is Engineered to Win!

50mm (1.97in) Butterfly style zero-offset valve
383.9 CFM / 10.87m3 per minute flow
Stainless steel (630) Butterfly and shaft
Billet Aluminium Main Body
360-degree mounting options on V-band
Clock-able actuator positions (2 x 120 Deg options)
Full Electronic Actuation (Dual H-bridge input)
Onboard (0-5v) Analogue Actuator Temperature Sensor
Onboard (0-5v) Analog Valve Position Sensor
Onboard (PWM) Digital Valve Position Sensor
7 Wire Unterminated Flying Lead Loom

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