Gen4 WG45 Valve Seat

$44.39USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart HyperGate45 (45mm) External Wastegates are compatible with Turbosmart Gen4 WG45 Valve Seat. This versatile seat is designed to be used with Turbosmart’s HyperGate45 external wastegate, allowing it to perform optimally in any situation. With its strong and durable construction, the Turbosmart Gen4 WG45 Valve Seat will give you reliable performance for years to come. You can count on Turbosmart products to provide superior quality and long-lasting results. Get the most out of your Turbosmart HyperGate45 external wastegate with the Turbosmart Gen4 WG45 Valve Seat.

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Valve Seat-Suit Turbosmart HyperGate45 (45mm) External Wastegates.

**Valve Seat is only suitable for Gen4 Wastegates only**