WG45 Outlet Weld Flange

$23.28USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart’s WG45 Outlet Weld Flange is designed to suit Turbosmart HyperGate45 (45mm) External Wastegates. It is a simple, cost-effective solution for mounting Turbosmart external wastegates and makes installation more effortless than ever. The weld flange has been precision machined from high-quality steel and will provide perfect alignment with Turbosmart’s HyperGate45 external wastegate. With this piece of equipment, you can ensure that your Turbosmart’s HyperGate45 (45mm) External Wastegate is securely mounted and provides optimal performance to maximize the efficiency of your engine setup. With Turbosmart products, you can rest assured that the Turbosmart name backs you, a brand trusted in performance and reliability. Get Turbosmart’s WG45 Outlet Weld Flange for your Turbosmart HyperGate45 (45mm) External Wastegate today and get the most out of your turbo setup!

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