GenV Complete Sensor Cap (Black) Suit WG38/40

$261.06USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart genuine spares and accessories are produced in order to ensure the longest possible service life for your favourite Turbosmart gear. These spares and accessories are not an afterthought, they are the components Turbosmart use in the hand assembly of your product, simply made available as a product you can use yourself to update, service or rebuild your Turbosmart product.

External wastegate position sensor upgrade caps are designed to fit the GenV range of external wastegates and come as a kit including our hall effect valve position sensor. Using a hall effect, non-contact sensor means the cap features a blind-hole for sensor fitment rather than a through hole meaning zero changes of leaking.

Wastegate positions sensors allow you to measure and log valve position and effecively ‘see inside’ the valve for fast trouble shooting and advanved control strategies.

GenV UltraGate38 External Wastegates
GenV CompGate40 External Wastegates
Does not suit HP (High Pressure), Electronic or C02 / Compressed Gas Variants

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