Kompact EM Valve Solenoid Replacement Suits VR3, VR8 and VR15

$151.06USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Replacement Solenoid Suit Turbosmart EM (Electro-Mechanical) Valves

High Speed Bullet Solenoid Replacement for the Multi-Award Winning EM Range of Plumback (Recirculating) , Dual Port and Supersonic (Vent to Atmosphere) Valves. This replacement solenoid comes ready to install on your existing EM Valve including loom & connector to suit your OE Connector.

Various EM Valve including VR3, VR8 and VR15
Ford F150 EcoBoost Plumback: TS-0225-1202
Ford F150 EcoBoost Vee Port Pro: TS-0225-1001

Is not a Universal Solenoid Replacement for the EM Range of Valves. Replacement Solenoids are supplied with loom & connector to suit specific applications and are not universal.


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