Modular Remote Sensor Block (3 Channel) 1/8NPT

$122.17USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


The Turbosmart Modular Remote Sensor Manifold, is an expandable, professional solution for remote mounting expensive and delicate sensors away from high vibrations and heat such as those found in engine bays. Manufactured from Billet (6262 T6) Aluminium and Black anodized, with 1/8 NPT Ports, the Modular Remote Sensor Manifold allows for 3 channels (sensors) to be neatly mounted away from your engine for isolation and neat plumbing and wiring.

The modular System can be mixed & matched and added to with components such as further reference and sensor blocks (Available Separately) for a neat and tidy engine bay solution, tailored to suit your needs.

Available In
Modular Remote Sensor Manifold
Modular Reference Distribution Manifold
Modular Combo (Sensor & Reference) Manifold

Billet (6262 T6) Aluminium Construction
Modular, Expandable System
1/8 NPT Ports
3 Channel (1/8 NPT) System

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