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Turbosmart Breathes Longer Life Into Your Turbo

Turbosmart’s new patent pending OPR T40 is a true oil pressure regulator for turbochargers. It solves a problem that is usually misunderstood. However, to see the true magic in this solution, you must first understand the problem. Turbochargers require a … Read more

Banzai Magazine’s Tech Talk with Chris Milne

Our UK General Manager Chris Milne, recently sat down with Banzai Magazine and talked tech about Turbosmart and our products

Katherine Benson finishes Third in class at Prowear NZ Superlap Series RD2 2017

The Prowear NZ Superlap series kicked off the new year with a weekend at Taupo’s Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park’s international circuit. The event saw the rain stay away, and although the track got a little slippery later in the weekend it … Read more

Andy Frost And The Red Victor Team Take On Bahrain

After over a year of planning, fundraising, unforeseen setbacks, long days and sleepless nights, Team Turbosmart’s Andy Frost and his crew have finally arrived in Bahrain for their record-setting attempt on Saturday. Andy and his crew arrived in Bahrain on … Read more

Turbosmart Tech Feature in Track Car Performance Magazine

Track Car Performance recently ran a Tech profile and a Gear Guide on our products in the Spring 2016 issue. Check it out!

Turbosmart brings the Ultimate Display of Power to PRI 2016

Turbosmart brings the excitement to PRI 2016 on December 8-10th 2016, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Joining Turbosmart on stand 347 will be Steve Morris from Steve Morris Engines along with the incredible 5000HP V16 quad turbo engine he’s developed … Read more

Banzai Magazine’s feature on Matt Longhurst’s Time Attack R34 GT-R

We love Time Attack, and we love GT-Rs, so we love Matt Longhurst’s Time Attack GT-R. This Turbosmart-equipped weapon is a true example of the Australian Time Attack breed. Banzai Magazine in the UK ran this feature on the car … Read more

Turbosmart’s New and Improved Fuel Pressure Regulator Range

For almost a decade, tuners and racers have trusted Turbosmart’s FPR range to deliver some of the most reliable and stable fuel pressure regulation in the industry. For 2017, Turbosmart has gone back to the drawing board to develop an … Read more

Turbosmart releases new billet fuel and turbo oil feed filters, oil drains and flange adapters

Turbosmart’s range of precision-engineered performance products has expanded to include new high-performance filtration products and turbo fittings, with the introduction of a range of billet fuel and turbo oil feed filters, turbo oil feed flange adapters, and turbo oil drains. … Read more

Improving a Favourite: Turbosmart’s Smart Port BOV for Mitsubishi Evo IV to X

Turbosmart’s Type 5 Dual Port blow-off valve has long been a favourite among owners of Mitsubishi’s rally-bred four-door. For 2017, Turbosmart has added Smart Port technology to the popular Dual Port BOV for the Mitsubishi Evo IV to X. The … Read more

New for Euro: Kompact BOV kit for Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (W205)

For the new W205 generation C63 AMG, Mercedes moved towards forced induction and a downsized engine to provide the power AMG customers expect from the fast C-Class. The 4.0-litre Biturbo V8 provides weapons-grade performance in a stylish executive car, and it … Read more

Drag King: Banzai Magazine’s feature on Team Turbosmart’s Nitto II

Our friends over at Banzai Magazine in the UK have put together this awesome feature on one of our favourite Aussie #TeamTurbosmart Skylines – the legendary Nitto II by Mercury Motorsports.