Gas Valve Actuator – 45mm Valve

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Turbosmart GVA Series is a spring and diaphragm style pneumatic actuator which operates a mechanical valve. The reference air acts upon a diaphragm and opposing spring to actuate the valve, which is supplied as a modular system designed to be used in a host of custom, industrial and automotive applications. The GVA series actuators include Milspec Diaphragms and can be specified with a range of base springs. The V-band mounting system can be adapted to virtually any application where valve diameter and actuation stroke requirements are within specification.
The Turbosmart GVA Series of Gas Valve Actuators are derived from the proven and multiple award winning GenV External Wastegate Series. These Gas Valve Actuators take the Motorsport and Industry proven performance and reliability of the GenV poppet style external wastegate technology and provide a modular platform where the design restrictions of the Turbosmart range of wastegate bodies are no longer the limitation.
Need a small, low volume or one off external wastegate where our GenV CompGate40 won’t work? Take a look at the GVA40 Gas Valve Actuator 40mm system instead and see where your creativity gets you. Equally, we have also developed the 45, 50 and 60mm systems as well, to ensure there is no application we can’t assist with, all built around a simple V-Band adaption method.

GVA40 Gas Valve Actuator 40mm
GVA45 Gas Valve Actuator 45mm
GVA50 Gas Valve Actuator 50mm
GVA60 Gas Valve Actuator 60mm

Optional Upgrades
Hall Effect Positions Sensor Cap
HP (High Pressure) cap with Springs up to 50 psi
Inverted Diaphragm system for large reference pressure differentials

Billet aluminum actuator body
Aluminum locking collar system
Ceramic thermal Isolation
Dual 1/8 NPT Reference Ports
Nitronic 60 valve guide
Option Positions Sensor Upgrades
V-Band mounting system for easy integration
Hard chrome coated stainless steel valve
Liquid cooling provision
17/7 PH grade spring options (3-26psi)

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