IWG75 Wastegate Actuator Suit Nissan Patrol TD42T – 7PSI

$272.17USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


The TD42T 4.2-litre turbo diesel was the favoured engine choice for Patrol buyers. However, in stock form, its performance leaves much room for improvement – and the lack of power is exacerbated when heavy off-road equipment and larger tyres are fitted. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for owners to invest in tuning their Patrols to improve the vehicle’s performance and drivability. 

One of the problems encountered when tuning a diesel Patrol is the erratic boost curve afforded by the standard actuator fitted to the VNT-style turbo, which prevents the engine from reaching its full potential.

This is the problem Turbosmart set out to solve with the new IWG75 internal wastegate actuator for the TD42 Patrol. 

The Turbosmart IWG75 provides faster boost build-up, less drop-off at the top end, and keeps the boost steadier throughout the rev range – eliminating the mid-range boost drop typical of the standard setup. The result was the higher peak power and significantly more power and torque where you need it daily – in the mid-range. 

If you’re tuning your Patrol, Turbosmart’s Internal Wastegate Actuator helps you fix the Patrol’s boost curve and get more power where it matters. 

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