GenV eALV40 Electronic Anti-Lag Valve

$1,099.94USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


The Turbosmart eALV40 (Fresh Air bypass / Anti-Lag Valve) for motorsport and high-performance Applications features fully electronic actuation, removing the need for the solenoids and tanks of traditional pneumatic systems and featuring a 40mm valve diameter and a purpose-designed actuator housing. Multiple fittings are also available for easy fitment and fabrication for all standard applications.

The fresh air valve allows for incoming charged fresh air from the turbo to be diverted safely into the exhaust manifold pre-turbine wheel with the throttle at low opening angles to allow for safer spooling of the turbocharger without the potentially damaging throttle-based late combustion event style anti-lag that can induce high engine stresses and break connecting rods.

Don’t you have an ECU that has a spare dual half-bridge output? No problem at all. Check out the Turbosmart BlackBox Electronic Wastegate Controller with up to 2 independent channels via simple PWM inputs or more advanced CAN-based inputs – All onboard and in one unit!

Available in
Pneumatic: TS-0552-1402
Electronic: TS-0552-1502

Nitronic 60 Valve Guide and High Temp 347 SS Body
Liquid Cooled, Electronic ACtuator
Strap Type V-ban clamps
User Adjustable Actuator Position
Onboard Analog 0-5V Valve Position Sensor
Onboard Analog 0-5V Actuator Temperature Sensor
Onboard Digital (PWM) Valve Position Sensor

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