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ProPort by Turbosmart

ProPort by Turbosmart is an All-New 54mm (2.13in) Blow-off Valve with a tiny footprint and massive flow. The ProPort flows 420 cfm, which is enough for 3500 HP and is in a league of its own, standing 30mm (1.2in) lower than PowerPort while flowing over 25% more than the Market leading 50mm RacePort. Features include our unique locking collar design, new unique vent profile, sensor cap option and spring options for all turbocharged and supercharged applications.

25+ Years of Manufacturing

The ProPort resulted from over 25 years of Blow-off Valve manufacturing experience and 12 months of internal development. In addition, the ProPort design is CFD driven & real-world validated for maximum possible flow based on the demands of the Tuning & Motorsport Market. The Milspec Diaphragm operated valve is highly responsive while using our Boost-Balance system, which means the more boost you feed it, the better it seals!

Availiable with an Onboard Position Sensor

Available with an onboard position sensor as an option, we utilise a non-contact hall effect sensor for the position of the valve, which means no through-holes in the cap, ensuring no chance of leaks. The data this can provide for professional & amateur teams alike is invaluable when every pass & every minute on track counts!

Quick Release VBand System

The Quick Release VBand system is of the quality you have come to expect from Turbosmart. Our GenV cap profile is easily distinguishable and includes 2 x 1/8NPT reference ports on a cap that can be rotated for simplifying reference hose runs in complex engine bays.

The ProPort is Available In

ProPort Features

  • 2 x ⅛ NPT Reference Ports
  • Mil-Spec Proprietary Diaphragm
  • Anodised 6000 series billet Aluminium Body & Valve
  • Quick Change V-Band Fitment
  • Unique Locking Collar Design
  • Optional Valve Position Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you have? The technical limit is over 220psi maintained but it can even do more than this in short bursts. The reality is you’re probably asking at what point it will leak & the answer is it won’t. The Turbosmart Boost-Balance System means the more boost you are making, the better it will seal. We do this for maximise response and boost holding characteristics as we will always have more force pushing the valve closed, than you will have boost trying to push it open.

Given the more boost you have the better it seals, so what is the limit? It’s actually the ability of the valve to flow air and that limit is around 3500HP worth of air. It will never leak, even with more than that power level, however you may start to experience audible compressor surge when attempting to bypass more than 3500HP. And if that is you, great news – We have the PowerPort for over 3500HP Applications!

The ProPort is based on the GenV architecture and as such features our V styled cap with 2 x 1/8NPT reference ports. The cap can be rotated and clocked to enable the most suitable routing of reference hoses. We include a hose end barb in the kit, however you’re also welcome to use high quality lines and fittings.

Yes. If you already have a ProPort there is an upgraded sensor cap available as a part number which comes with a new cap & sensor which can be swapped out & fitted to your existing ProPort at a later date. Note, we only produce the Sensor Caps in black though!

Yes. We have spring options available in the spares and accessories area of the website which means you can set this up for Supercharger Applications. It was designed to do both!

Here is a handy self-help guide to helping you with your Turbosmart install and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get here. Turbosmart recommends that you get your products fitted and tuned by a qualified technician. If you choose to install the product yourself, ensure you have all the necessary tools and technical knowledge to perform this task.

Thank you for picking up the latest Turbosmart catalogue. As we look back on 25 fantastic years of innovation and growth, we continue to look towards the future as we release some revolutionary new products that will cement our reputation as innovators and market leaders.

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Nearly 30 years ago, I embarked on this incredible journey of founding Turbosmart, and as we step into 2024, I've never been more proud of the Turbosmart team. We are on the verge of our most exciting chapter yet, as we unveil a monumental achievement—our new line of cutting-edge Turbochargers. Turbosmart is more than just a business; it's a community of enthusiasts dedicated to constant innovation in our products, support, and service. Thank you for being so supportive, and here's to another year of innovation and achievement with Turbosmart! #Engineered to Win!

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ProPort Range

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