Ran Maclurkin: 2023 Victorian Sports Sedan Championships
February 22, 2023 Ambassadors

Ran Maclurkin: 2023 Victorian Sports Sedan Championship

Dan Maclurkin
Ran Maclurkin in his Nissan 180SX
Ran Maclurkin - Victorian Sports Sedan Series

Ran Maclurkin Jr

The 2023 Victorian Sports Sedan Championship

Ran Maclurkin has recently added another achievement to his list. In the 2023 Victorian Sports Sedan Series, Maclurkin qualified 13th out of a 31-car field, an impressive feat in and of itself.

Throughout the event, Maclurkin’s skill and determination were on full display. He secured 10th place in Race 1, 9th in Race 2, and 8th in Race 3, competing against some of the toughest racers on the track. These results are even more remarkable considering Maclurkin was driving a “little 180.”

Maclurkin’s Dedication to Racing

Despite some setbacks in the second race, Maclurkin remained focused on learning and improving. He noted that he “learnt more today” and was pleased with the experience of racing against some of the top drivers in the field. Maclurkin’s commitment to constantly improving his race craft and pushing himself to be the best he can be is a testament to his dedication to racing and engineering.

Thanks to his impressive results, Maclurkin ended up 4th outright in the club championship and 8th in the state series, a remarkable achievement given the field of 31 starters. Maclurkin’s perseverance and dedication to his passions have paid off, and his success inspires aspiring racers alike.

Ran Maclurkin - Victorian Sports Sedan Series-2

Maclurkin Reflects on his Performance

As Maclurkin reflects on his performance at the 2023 Victorian Sports Sedan Series, he is grateful for the support he received from friends and fans. He noted that it was “super cool” to see so many people getting excited about his success and that their support had helped him stay focused and motivated throughout the event.


In conclusion, Ran Maclurkin is a racer who has accomplished impressive feats. His recent success in at the Victorian Sports Sedan Series, where he qualified 13th and finished 4th in the club championship and 8th in the state series, is a testament to his skill, determination, and commitment to excellence. Maclurkin’s accomplishments inspire anyone passionate about pursuing their dreams and working hard to achieve their goals.

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Ran Macklurkin Profile

Ran Macklurkin Jr

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Victorian Sports Sedan Championship


Melbourne, Victoria Australia

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Ran Macklurkin, Turbosmart


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