April 22, 2020 Products

SAVE YOUR TURBO: How Turbosmart’s “OPR T40” Oil Pressure Regulator is a game changer

 Why Turbosmart’s OPR T40 Is a crucial component of any turbo setup?

In modern engines, high-pressure oiling systems are used to keep parts properly lubricated. While high engine oil pressures are perfectly suited for the internal parts of an engine, they often exceed the optimal thresholds of aftermarket turbochargers. When you have too much oil pressure going into the turbocharger, it can often exceed the maximum threshold of the internal seals of the turbo and can wreak havoc on its ability to properly oil itself. This is why it’s important to use an OPR T40 Oil pressure regulator to help combat this problem.

Let’s take a closer look at how the OPR T40 plays a crucial part in Regulating Oil Pressure

A simple way of illustrating this example is the human heart. The oil supply is the “blood” to the turbocharger and the pressure is the force of the “heartbeat”; Too much pressure or too little pressure can mean death! This is where the OPR T40 comes into play. The OPR T40 serves as a true oil pressure regulator for the turbocharger. While it has been common practice to restrict the flow of oil to reduce pressure, this can be problematic.

The problem with using something like an orifice or other restrictor to achieve target oil pressure is that there is a large compromise in oil flow. When it comes to oiling your turbocharger, there is a significant difference between controlling flow and controlling pressure. Restricting oil flow in favor of a lower pressure can be problematic and cumbersome especially when oil pressure-demand inside the engine changes throughout the RPM range. Other factors like oil grade, viscosity, and even temperature can influence this fluctuation in oil flow and can lead to unreliable pressure to the turbocharger when a restriction is used.


OPR T40 is Engineered to Have A Static 40PSi of Regulated Oil Pressure

Turbosmart engineered the patented OPR T40 to have a static 40PSI of regulated oil pressure. In our research and development, we found 40 PSI to be the sweet spot for most aftermarket turbochargers. While the input oil feed pressure going into the OPR will change throughout the rev range, the flow will never be reduced and the pressure will never be compromised. This provides the benefit of zero guesswork, reliable pressure, and no reduction in flow rate. The engine has the freedom to increase pressure as needed and the turbocharger is unharmed in the process. It is one of our company’s proudest innovations and it will surely meet the needs of many racers and builders around the world.


TS-0801-1001 OPR T40 Oil Pressure Regulator – Blue

TS-0801-1002 OPR T40 Oil Pressure Regulator – Black