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NEW! Nissan GTR RB26DETT upgrades Available NOW

Turbosmart gets up close and personal with the legend that is the Skyline GT-R.

Well before the R35 rose to global acclaim, the GT-R badge has been exciting Nissan & Datsun fans since the 1960s. After shelving the badge for over a decade, Nissan resurrected it & slapped it on what is affectionately now known as Godzilla. The E-BNR32, more commonly known as R32 GT-R was born and adorned with the much-loved RB26, 6 cylinder Twin Cam, Twin Turbo, which was used from 1989 through to 2002 when Nissan built the last R34 Skyline GT-R.


Introducing the Turbosmart range of bolt-on modifications for the Nissan Skylines, R32, R33 and R34 GT-R including bolt-on blow-off valves and upgraded internal wastegate actuators, for the factory twin-turbo setup.


The Turbosmart Kompact BOV solution bolts into the factory diverter valve plenum & is a dual-port valve, designed for cars using the factory mass airflow sensor. The Smart port technology keeps your MAF happy while still venting externally & the billet, motorsport proven valve design ensures maximum response and performance, for the life of the car!


Turbosmart Raceport 50mm bolt-on blow-off valve. This kit comes with everything you need to delete the factory BOV plenum & replace it with a single, simple 50mm Raceport valve for maximum performance. The Raceport valve is suitable for a solution well over 1500HP and is super responsive due it’s diaphragm actuated design – Turbosmart 50mm Raceport valves are proven the world over in the heat of motorsport, so you can rest easy knowing your boost is in good hands.


Turbosmart IWG75 internal wastegate actuators have an increased working surface area which provides class-leading boost control & we’ve adapted our existing, proven range to bolt directly onto the factory GT-R twin turbos. These are bolt-on and available in both 7psi (0.5Bar) and 14psi (1.0Bar) & will provide improved response & performance, even on the factory tune. However, like all Turbosmart actuators, can be set up with custom spring options from 3psi, all the way to 26psi if you need something special.

Bolt-On BOV’s & Upgraded Actuators

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Kompact Dual Port BOV RB26DETT – Black TS-0203-1072
GenV Raceport BOV RB26DETT – Black TS-0204-1162
IWG75 Actuator Upgrade RB26DETT 7psi TS-0615-6072
IWG75 Actuator Upgrade RB26DETT 14psi TS-0615-6142



Frequently Asked Questions


Will these work on other Skyline Engines?

Unfortunately No. These components are designed specifically for RB26DETT engines, fitted to the GT-R variants and we cannot guarantee, they’re likely to fit any other variant of spec Skyline.


Which Actuator Part Number Should I purchase to work with the Factory Tune?

7 psi is your best bet: Part Number: TS-0615-6072. These will bolt on & work straight away with your factory ECU & tune. Even though they are the same rated pressure as the OE gear, you will still see an improvement in low-end response & overall performance. We can achieve peak boost earlier & keep it high in the RPM.


I don’t have the factory blow off plenum, will the Kompact Valve set work?

No, you will need the factory plenum in order to bolt the Kompact set on to your vehicle – These are designed as a factory upgrade. If you do not have the plenum, you may consider our RacePort solution – This sits in the factory position, but deletes the plenum for a simple mounting solution.


Will the Kompact Valve’s be Loud?

Certainly louder than factory, yes – But you have options. The SmartPort solution means you won’t have any technical difficulties venting to the atmosphere, however, if BOV noise isn’t your thing we’ve included blanking plus into the kit & you can convert these easily to recirc-only valves. This will mean the same improved performance, but without the noise!


Will these actuators fit upgraded Turbo’s?

That will depend on your turbo upgrade & if you’re unsure, best check with your turbo supplier. If you have a hybrid upgrade, based around the factory compressor cover then it is very likely these will fit & can be easily adapted.