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August 12, 2022 Promotion

Kompact EM series to suit the MY22 Subaru WRX

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Boring Gets left in the dust with the all NEW Kompact EM series to suit the MY22 Subaru WRX

Turbosmart is proud to announce the release of the Kompact EM series to suit the MY22 Subaru WRX, fitted with the all-new turbocharger FA24 Boxer Engine.

The FA24 is all new to the MY22 WRX variant. While coupled with Subaru’s symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive, it is based on the outgoing turbocharged FA20 (2.0 litre). It now benefits from an increase in capacity to 2.4 litres and an update in technology. The Wastegate Actuator and Diverter Valve are now electronically actuated, bringing the Subaru in line with many other high-performance and high-efficiency vehicles in today’s global car park.
For several years now, OE manufacturers have been using the diverter valve on the turbocharger system for more than a compressor surge and, as such, found it helpful to electrify the once pneumatic valve. Traditional pneumatic valves required a pressure differential, caused by the closing of the throttle against boost pressure to activate the valve, whereas moving to an electronic valve meant opening up a host of virtually unlimited tuning and calibration options for the OE engineers to meet fine-tuned torque requirements as well as assisting with emissions and overall package efficiency.
This is where the Turbosmart Kompact EM Series of valves steps in. The Patented Kompact EM Valve technology means Turbosmart valves are electro-mechanical and, while fully integrating with the factory ECU and strategy, still provide the bullet-proof mechanical advantages of a piston-based, mechanical valve!

Kompact EM Award-Winning Technology

The Kompact EM Valve was awarded the SEMA  Performance-Street New Product Award in 2018 in the USA and was then backed up by the Australian Industry group AAAA early in 2019 when it was awarded the Product Innovation Award in recognition of the Industry leading OE Plus style solution
The Turbosmart EM Valve to suit the New MY22 WRX is an upgrade to the factory valve, replacing the OE Unit with a Motorsport Proven, Billet Aluminum piston style valve with full OEM integration via Patented Airflow strategies and a proprietary bullet solenoid valve. Available in both Kompact EM Plumback Upgraded Diverter Valve (Quite) and Kompact EM Dual Port  Blow-Off Valve (Noisy), there is an upgraded valve available now to suit your choice!
Turbosmart is always expanding our range of bolt-on upgrades for late-model turbocharged vehicles so make sure to check out our vehicle lookup for your vehicle!

Available to order ONLINE NOW, or via your nearest Dealer.

Kompact EM (VR24) Dual Port Suit MY22 WRX

Kompact EM (VR24) Plumb Back Suit MY22 WRX

2022 WRX Overview

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Kompact Award-Winning Technology

Kompact EM series to suit the MY22 Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX Features

Boring gets left in the dust.

Kompact Series

The Kompact Series is designed to focus on quality materials, design, and integration. The Kompact range by Turbosmart gives vehicles the high-performance edge in boost-handling capacity, reliability & response. With bullet-proof, billet construction, the Kompact series is a direct replacement & Upgrade for OEM parts.

Turbosmart Blow Off Valves - Kompact Range BOV

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Blow off Valve Suit MY22 WRX

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