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Boost Control

Turbosmart prides itself in providing customers the absolute pinnacle in boost control management. Whether it be for your street or race application, Turbosmart has a range of boost controllers to help you service your needs. There are two types of boost controllers; mechanical and electronic. Mechanical (or manual) boost controllers offer up to two boost settings set by the driver and controlled via a switch. They are easy to fit, simple in operation and require little maintenance. Electronic boost controllers are a far more sophisticated solution offering a host of boost settings mapped against different triggers like gear change, time, rpm or a manual switch. Need to monitor that boost? Turbosmart has you covered with its wide range of gauges for monitoring boost levels, as well as exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and transmission temps.


Turbosmart’s e-Boost range of electronic boost controllers give you the ultimate control over your boost curve. Turbosmart electronic boost controllers allow you to control three individual characteristics of your boost, by adjusting three easy to set parameters: The maximum boost pressure (set point), The spool-up rate of the turbocharger (wastegate pressure), and the reaction time of the controller (sensitivity).


Turbosmart’s manual boost controllers are easy to fit, simple in operation, and require little maintenance – making them one of the best “bang for buck” performance mods on the market.

Spares and Accessories

Looking for spare parts or serviceable items for your Turbosmart product? Look no further. We carry everything to get ensure that your Turbosmart part is always running at its peak performance. Turbo seal constant tension clamps and additional springs specially designed to work with your Turbosmart products.