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November 19, 2021 News

3 Quick Steps to Adjust a Blow Off Valve?

Video: How to Adjust A BOV

Why Would Anyone Want to Adjust Their BOV?

If you have ever wondered why someone would go through the trouble of adjusting a blow off valve, wonder no more! There are several reasons someone might want to adjust their BOV, and we will explore a few here.

One reason to adjust a BOV is to change the point at which it opens. Depending on how your BOV is adjusted, it can open earlier or later in the rev range. This can be beneficial if your car struggles to make power at high RPMs, as opening the BOV earlier can help relieve some pressure build-ups.

Another reason to adjust a BOV is to change the sound it makes. Some people like the loud “whoosh” sound that a BOV makes when it opens, while others find it highly annoying. Adjusting the BOV can help you find a happy medium between the extremes.

Finally, adjusting a BOV can also help with reliability. If your BOV is set too low, it can cause your engine to stall when you come off the throttle. Conversely, if it is set too high, it can cause your car to lurch forward when you get back on the gas. Adjusting the BOV to find the perfect setting can help keep your car running smoothly and prevent unwanted surprises.

So there you have it! These are just a few reasons someone might want to adjust their BOV. Whether you’re looking to improve performance, change the sound, or ensure reliability, adjusting your BOV is a great way to do it.

Before You Adjust A Blow Off Valve

If you have ever wondered how to fine-tune the performance of your valve, check out the video above. Each Blow-off Valve (BOV) or Bypass Valve (BPV) needs to be adjusted to suit the vehicle it is mounted.

Vee Ports, Supersonics and Dual Ports

The aim of the adjustment on Vee Ports, Supersonics and Dual Ports is to make sure that the piston is hard closed at idle and that the piston closes fast enough to minimise backfiring and not stall the engine.

Plumb Back

Equipped with a spring, Plumb Back BOVs are designed to keep the piston open at engine idle. Hence, the cap can be left in the middle position.

Adjusting BOV

How to adjust a BOV?

  1. To Adjust the BOV, rotate the cap, this increases the spring force on the piston,
  2. Rotate the cap clockwise in the direction of hard as marked on the top of the lid.
  3. To decrease the spring force on the piston. Rotate the cap anti-clockwise in the direction of soft as marked on the top of the lid.
How to adjust a blow-off valve

Quick and Easy Steps When Adjusting a BOV or BPV

  1. Start with the BOV cap at the top soft position. Note: The edge of the cap should completely cover the indicator O-Ring.
  2. With the engine at idle, the exhaust port should be closed off by the piston, and therefore the piston should be hard against the seat and not floating or moving.
  3. Free rev the engine and back off quickly. However, the engine should return to average idle speed if the engine drops below idle or stalls. Go ahead and Increase the spring tension by one turn.
  4. Repeat this process until the engine free revs and returns to average idle speed.
  5. Test drive the car and ensure that the engine has minimal backfiring and no stalling when decelerating or changing gears. If you notice backfiring is excessive or stalling, check all connections made during the installation. Otherwise, increase the spring tension.


If you have installed a vent-to-atmosphere BOV and your engine has started to dip below normal idle and stalling, follow these steps:

BOV Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Firstly, check that the BOV is closed at idle if the BOV is not completed at idle. There’s a good chance the spring tension may need to be increased, or the BOV might need a heavy-duty spring.
  2. Next, check the vacuum hose for splits, cracks, loose connection, kinking or any obstruction. It would be best to replace the old or tired hose’s, and it is also essential to know these hoses may collapse under a vacuum causing an obstruction.
  3. Lastly, with the engine running, remove the vacuum/pressure hose from the nipple in the cap of the BOV. You should hear a loud hissing sound. The engine should idle poorly. Double-check by covering the end of the hose with your finger. If this does not occur, the hose could be blocked or crimped. Thoroughly check the hose and replace it if necessary.
BOV Troubleshooting

If the stalling dipping idle is still occurring follow these steps:

  1. First, ensure that the vacuum/pressure source is not shared and that the vacuum source is directly from the inlet manifold.
  2. Next, check the seal between the adapter and the BOV – ensure that there is no gap between the BOV base and the weld flange.
  3. Lastly, check the join between the adapter and the intercooler pipe for leaking.
BOV Troubleshooting

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