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BOV Solution for Turbo Diesels

A BOV Solution for Turbo Diesels Controller Kit

The BOV controller is an electronic device which controls the pressure signal to the BOV. It works by detecting a negative voltage change in throttle position. It then energises a solenoid to vent all of the air out of the BOV cap, causing a pressure differential between the piston of the BOV and the cap which will vent pressure from the intake system.

Large diesel engines with larger turbochargers can experience compressor surge when coming off the throttle.

The deceleration of the engine can be a restriction on the outlet of the turbocharger causing compressor surge. This can be disastrous on a turbo system which is producing high amounts of boost.

The BOV Solution for Turbo Diesels

The BOV controller can prevent this build-up of pressure, protecting the turbocharger. This can reduce the number of rebuilds on your turbocharger as well as improve acceleration between gears. Proving to be a great BOV solution for a turbo diesel.


Ideal for diesel engines and petrol engines.




How sensitive the controller is too negative changes in throttle movement.


How long the solenoid stays open to bleed out the air from the BOV (i.e how long the BOV is open for) The solenoid will reactivate when the BOV controller reads positive throttle movement to close the BOV and pressurize the intake system.


Keeps the solenoid energized. This can be used as a boost limiting function as the BOV will bleed air out lowering the boost levels entering the engine.


Disables the BOV controller and returns the intake system to its factory setting.

Included in the Kit:

  • BOV Controller
  • Specific Race Port BOV
  • Wiring loom
  • Solenoid and bracket
  • Reinforced pressure tubing
  • Hose clamps and mounting hardware

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