Turbosmart EM BOV Receives A Performance Industry Award
April 12, 2019 News

Turbosmart EM BOV Receives A Performance Industry Award

Multiple Award Winning Kompact EM

The Turbosmart Electro-Mechanical Blow Off Valve has earned another performance industry award at the 2019 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Innovations Awards. This is the second massive industry award that the Kompact EM has received in less than a few months, with the product also gaining the prestigious SEMA Street-Performance Award for 2019.

The AAAA Innovation Awards was no small feat, consisting of complete entry submission and weighted on a marking system of objectives, solutions, innovation, and the result of the product on both the market it services and impacts the Turbosmart business.

The whole team is excited to receive yet another industry award of this calibre for the Kompact EM product range. We have worked hard on this product and are quite proud of it. It is more than just a new solution for our customers, this symbolises our passion for keeping pushing forward and forging innovations for the industry, and that’s really what this award embodies and what it means for our business.
Stewart Mahony Group General Manager
Stewart Mahony
Group General Manager

The Universal Kompact EM-BOV allows for seamless integration into vehicles which require actuation of the BOV to be controlled via the engine ECU without compromising flow or performance. The new universal Kompact EM BOV range flows at higher levels than existing compressor cover solutions and provides an alternate option where hybrid turbochargers demand more flow to prevent the compressor falling into surge with rapid load changes.


The Kompact EM-BOV Story

The Turbosmart Kompact EM-BOV was born out of a company-wide philosophy that sees the business determined to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting and implementing new technologies that can service the demands of the ever-changing automotive industry. As the modern turbocharged engine was moving towards electronic technologies, so too did the aftermarket accessories needed to support it!
Nic Cooper Ceo & Founder
Nic Cooper
CEO & Founder

During data-intensive rounds of R&D, Turbosmart’s Engineering Team found that OEM valves are commonly built from sub-par materials to speed up their manufacturing process and reduce production costs.

“Due to the use of the nature of their design and materials used, OEM products can fault throughout normal use, but in particular, during periods of increased load when boost pressure is raised during the tuning of a vehicle. This can cause valve leaks meaning that the vehicle can not maintain a controlled boost pressure level for maximum performance. Ultimately this can cause the OEM ECU to register a fault which causes the vehicle to go into ‘limp mode’ by decreasing the boost pressure to protect the vehicle”, stated Christopher Doumbos, Turbosmart Head Engineer.
Chris Doumbos
Head Engineer

With this knowledge, Turbosmart went about sourcing significant amounts of OEM data, physical turbocharger units, and whole vehicles to develop the product. Using Turbosmart’s unique pressure control system from existing product ranges, Turbosmart quickly implemented the same technology found in their long-standing and successful range of Kompact products with their all billet construction and high-temperature o-rings.

While fitment and construct is something that Turbosmart has long perfected, determining how each vehicle ECU would respond to the solenoid required for the electro-mechanical response was a whole new challenge. Turbosmart wanted to make a unique product that required as little possible input from the user; a true, world-first, plug-n-play solution.

This required significant amounts of fine-tuning to the product to make sure that introducing a solenoid system to the top chamber of the valve responded in the same way across a range of vehicles and offered the customers a hassle-free solution. Again, the R&D department went to work on testing the solution across a range of scenarios, including dyno testing and road testing prototype units under different conditions. With each simulation and test, the product was refined to ensure seamless integration.

Eventually, the Turbosmart Kompact EM-BOV was developed as the world’s first aftermarket replacement Blow Off Valve for both direct fitment and universal replacement. To see the full range of Turbosmart Kompact EM-BOVs, visit www.turbosmart.com today or speak to your local Turbosmart distributor.

Here is a handy self-help guide to helping you with your Turbosmart install and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get here. Turbosmart recommends that you get your products fitted and tuned by a qualified technician. If you choose to install the product yourself, ensure you have all the necessary tools and technical knowledge to perform this task.

Thank you for picking up the latest Turbosmart catalogue. As we look back on 25 fantastic years of innovation and growth, we continue to look towards the future as we release some revolutionary new products that will cement our reputation as innovators and market leaders.

Please contact us here and fill out a quick form so that our team can efficiently help you!


Nearly 30 years ago, I embarked on this incredible journey of founding Turbosmart, and as we step into 2024, I've never been more proud of the Turbosmart team. We are on the verge of our most exciting chapter yet, as we unveil a monumental achievement—our new line of cutting-edge Turbochargers. Turbosmart is more than just a business; it's a community of enthusiasts dedicated to constant innovation in our products, support, and service. Thank you for being so supportive, and here's to another year of innovation and achievement with Turbosmart! #Engineered to Win!

Award-Winning Kompact EM Blow Off Valves

Engineered to Win!

The BOV Kompact, including Kompact EM (Electro-Mechanical), is designed to focus on quality materials, design, and integration. The Kompact range by Turbosmart gives vehicles the high-performance edge in boosting handling capacity, reliability & response. With bullet-proof, billet construction, the Kompact series is a direct replacement & Upgrade for OEM parts. Above all, it is competitively priced.

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Our engineers build and track-test all products in-house. Therefore, we ensure we continuously produce the highest-quality, highest-performance Turbochargers, blow-off valves, wastegates, boost controllers, fuel pressure regulators, oil pressure regulators and more. Furthermore, our products are designed and built for track and street applications.

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