Turbosmart is a Proud Sponsor of Beat the Blue • Turbosmart
March 25, 2021 Events

Turbosmart is a Proud Sponsor of Beat the Blue

Event Starting in...

This event is over. On behalf of the entire Turbosmart Team thank you to all those who attended the event.

What is Beat the Blue?

Beat the Blue (BTB) is run by car enthusiasts raising awareness about vehicle safety and fundraising for New South Wales Police Legacy. While we all enjoy using our cars in different ways, be it hard parking or hitting the track. We all have a part to play to make our roads safer, Beat the Blue was put together to allow people to enjoy their cars in a safe and controlled environment.

Beat the Blue Social Meet

We are finally back, back to where it started for a social meet, bring your friends and kick back in a relaxed and safe environment.

Plenty of details to come, including the return of our raffle and trophies for cars on display. Grab some merch, or just kick back with a coffee and a feed. Like all our previous events the local Highway Patrol will be in attendance to bust all those myths you see on the internet. In 3 years of running events, we have never had an issue at our events due to the mutual respect between attendees and the Police who attend.

Learn More Here: Beat the Blue

NSW Police Legacy

Highway Patrol officers spend a strong portion of their driver training honing their skills on the skidpan. The aim of the event is to pass on some of this knowledge and skill to members of the community in a fun and safe environment all while raising money for the New South Wales Police Legacy.

As always with all proceeds going to NSW Police Legacy.

If you’re feeling generous you can make a quick donation to the New South Wales Police Legacy here.

Turbosmart is a Proud Sponsor of Beat the Blue

“Beat the Blue is a not for profit organisation that depends heavily on the support of generous organisations and the public. Being the intermediary between an organisation like the Police and car enthusiasts it’s vital that only businesses with similar principles form part of Beat the Blue. Turbosmart has been an integral founding sponsor of Beat the Blue from its very beginning in 2018 and we are proud to have an iconic Australian owned brand so vested in being part of a community initiative helping keep our roads safe.” Steven Planinic Beat the Blue President.

Turbosmart Competition

To enter the Turbosmart Competition you MUST attend the event Beat the Blue.

Turbosmart Beat the Blue Gift Voucher

Event Details

Show & Shine Entry

A$22.19 incl. A$2.19 Fee

Sales end on 23 Mar 2021

Bump in no later than 6:30 pm for show and shine vehicles.

General Admission


Sales end on 23 Mar 2021

Parking on Hill before tunnel entry.
The event will be conducted on SMP Skid Pan.
The event is open to the whole community with spectator entry free.


Beat the Blue 2019

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From our humble beginnings to establishing ourselves as a global brand. Turbosmart is well on track to lead the future in turbo technology.

Our engineers, build and track test all products in-house. Therefore, we ensure we’re continuously producing the highest quality blow-off valves, wastegates, boost controllers, gauges, pressure regulators, and hoses. For this reason, our products are designed to be used on both track and street applications.

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