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Turbosmart Releases Vacuum Actuators

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2022 New Release Vacuum Actuators Series

Turbosmart has been developing boost control products since 1997 and has for many years produced traditional boost-based actuators for use on internally wastegate turbochargers. The actuators have benefited directly from many years of external wastegate design and development and this new vacuum-based vIWG series is no different!

Vacuum vIWG Internal Wastegate Series includes 2 main sizes

The new 2022 Turbosmart Vacuum vIWG Internal Wastegate Series includes 2 main sizes and are available in a growing list of OE replacement configurations, as well as Turbo-specific and universal fitment for custom installations. The Vacuum Actuator Series includes both a 57mm and 76mm diagram, both operating at -6inHG to ensure there is an upgraded solution for your project!

Controlling Boost

Unlike a traditional boost-based actuator series a Vacuum-based actuator series uses a vacuum generally created by a vacuum pump independent of boost control & as such the control strategy is much different & the surface and working area of the diaphragm are critical to generating & controlling boost – Even more so in tuned and modified installations where the requirements have increased above factory intended levels.
Vacuum-Based Actuators are also an option for aftermarket and customer installations where a wider tuning window is required as the setup will not be limited by a lower boost limit, as usually dictated by the base spring pressure in a boost-based actuator system.


Boost-Assisted, vacuum control is also available for advanced control strategies where you can add a boost to the lower chamber of the actuator for an even greater tuning window through the use of multiple solenoids, ECU control and both boost and vacuum reference signals.

Have you ever wondered why your favourite sports or muscle car is a little louder on startup?

Vehicle Emission requirements can be maintained and even improved through greater control and the ability to open the actuator on cold start-up ensuring exhaust gas past the turbocharger into devices such as catalytic converters for faster warm-up and cycling. 

Vacuum Actuators are Available in

Available in bolt-on for a growing list of bolt-on OEM upgrade applications as well as turbo-specific and universal fitment, the Vacuum vIWG Wastegate Actuator Series is available now from Turbosmart, proudly Australian Designed, Engineered and Made and Globally Supported through offices in the USA and UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure you have an overboost cut-out. This is a safety feature built into basically all factory, aftermarket & programmable ECUs. You can never be too careful. Make sure it is set at a sensible & reasonable limit. Increasing the boost will put more load on your engine and there are other tune-related factors you must consider. If in any doubt, speak with a professional tuner/calibrator.

In basic terms, traditional pneumatic actuators for wastegate control are boost-based, meaning they use a positive pressure to overcome a built-in/pre-fitted mechanical spring which then ‘actuates’ and opens a wastegate flap on the turbocharger so that exhaust gas can bypass the turbo & boost can be modulated. As the turbocharger creates more boost, the actuator has more potential force with which to overcome the spring pressure & open the wastegate flap. With Vacuum-Based Actuators however, the reference signal is a vacuum (negative pressure) instead of boost (positive pressure). This vacuum is generally sourced from a vacuum pump fitted to the engine (Either a mechanically driven, or electronic). The vacuum, unlike boost-based systems, is consistent and does not change based on the boost pressure, RPM’s or power the engine is producing. Due to this boost control strategy is very different from a boost-based system.

The simple answer is leverage. We have created bolt-on upgrades for various vehicles fitted with vacuum actuators from the factory as when tuned, the forces can be greater and higher boost levels can be harder to achieve. As the additional boost cannot be used to assist with holding boost like a boost-based system and the tuning window is limited. By utilizing the improved working area & revised springs selection of a Turbosmart Vacuum vIWG you can expect to increase boost pressures to new, higher levels than your factory actuator.

There are a few reasons you might consider this based on your turbocharger system, however, the most common we have come across is to assist with achieving cold-start emissions requirements. Traditional Boost-based pneumatic actuators require boost (positive pressure) higher than the base spring pressure in order to open and while this generally does not cause any issues, it may do if your goal is to open the wastegate flap for cold starts. Often manufacturers use this strategy of opening the wastegate flap on cold starts at idle in order to increase the warm-up rate of the emissions devices such as catalytic converters. Cold-start conditions are often the hardest part of gaining emissions compliance for upgraded and modified cars and a retro-fitted vacuum vIWG from Turbosmart can help.

You will need an ECU and solenoid in order to manipulate the actuator successfully. The boost control strategy will be different from that of a boost-based system and if your vehicle was already fitted and calibrated for a vacuum IWG, returning and calibration will likely be required. As with all boost control changes, air-fuel ratio, torque and power must be checked.

The Turbosmart vIWG Vacuum Actuator series has been engineered with a second chamber on the other side of the diaphragm which means you can boost assist. This will require a more advanced strategy and setup however plumbing positive pressure from the inlet manifold or turbocharger directly, or via a solenoid will allow a custom, much wider tuning window.

The swivel banjo and fitting in the top cap is a -3AN and the lower (optional) positive Pressure Assistance Port for Boost-Assist is 1/16NPT.

Here is a handy self-help guide to helping you with your Turbosmart install and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get here. Turbosmart recommends that you get your products fitted and tuned by a qualified technician. If you choose to install the product yourself, ensure you have all the necessary tools and technical knowledge to perform this task.

Thank you for picking up the latest Turbosmart catalogue. As we look back on 25 fantastic years of innovation and growth, we continue to look towards the future as we release some revolutionary new products that will cement our reputation as innovators and market leaders.

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