GenV CompGate40CG ‘Compressed Gas’ 5psi External Wastegate (Black)

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GenV CompGate40 CG for Compressed Gas and C02 External Wastegate is designed for control strategies that require a large tuning window and large pressure differentials from the top to lower actuator housings, whereas traditional actuators on poppet style gas can achieve around 2-3x base spring pressure, the CG / C02 Version is capable of extreme multiples of the base pressure through the use of additional reference signal, high-pressure gas and C02.

The GenV CG and C02 variants are equipped with an inverted diaphragm, which is capable of high-pressure and high-pressure differentials (top to bottom), facilitating large tuning windows and the large boost-bandwidth associated with Drag Racing, Rally and Rally RX systems.

The GenV provides extensive user configurability, world-leading extended thermal performance, fatigue resistance and best-in-class flow performance for optimum control and longevity. The GenV External Wastegate Range is CFD optimized and real-world validated in-house for maximum flow and thermal management. The GenV range has more features, options and performance than any other gate. and includes a variable actuator cap and base for easy, 360-degree optional routing of reference hoses, strap-type V-band clamps, optional liquid-cooling provision, 1/8″ NPT reference ports and are provided with the full range of available springs.


Hall Effect Position Sensor Cap Upgrade


Class Leading, Thermal Performance 

Class Leading, CFD and Bench-Validated Flow Performance

Class Leading Fatigue Resistance

Nitronic 60 Valve Guide and High Temp 347 SS Body

17/7 PH Stainless Steel Springs

Liquid Actuator Cooling Option

Strap Type V-band clamps

User Adjustable Actuator Position

Modular Design for Actuator Interchangeability

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