IWG75 Wastegate Actuator Suit Nissan GTR R35 Black 24PSI

$544.39USD (Excl. Sales Tax)


Turbosmart Upgraded Wastegate Actuators have been developed to provide the maximum possible boost response for your factory frame turbocharger. The Turbosmart IWG75 Series of upgraded Actuators benefit from an increased ‘Working Ratio’ over the factory equipment, resulting in improved boost response throughout the RPM range. 

This Improved ‘working ratio’ is achieved through an increase to the effective surface area of the diaphragm and revisions to the actual springs fitted, resulting in greater leverage of the forces the actuator is working against (boost and backpressure) while still being super-responsive.  

Upgrading with the same base pressure as the factory, you can expect a broader boost and torque curve through peak boost achieved earlier in the RPM and hold longer into higher RPM. These improvements can be amplified with higher base pressures. However, tuning & recalibration is likely required. 

Available In 
7psi / 0.50 BAR: TS-0615-2072 
19psi / 1.31 BAR: TS-0615-2192 
24psi / 1.65 BAR: TS-0615-2242 

Proprietary Silicon Nomex Diaphragm 
Choice of Springs from 3psi to 26psi (Optional) 
High-Grade Billet Aluminum Construction 
Stainless Steel Rods and Clevis 
Turbosmart Unique Locking Collar System 

The 7psi version is a direct replacement for the factory item. All other versions will require tuning/calibration of your engine’s ECU.

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