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At Turbosmart, we don’t just sponsor cars. We make sure to support our Team Turbosmart Ambassadors.

To be a Team Turbosmart Ambassador. You must show that you can consistently promote Turbosmart positively to a large and relevant market. Furthermore, your vehicle must fall into one of the two categories listed below. Lastly, you must satisfy the appropriate category’s requirements.

1. Competition Vehicle

The owner/driver should have solid racing credentials and a documented history of top-five finishes. The sponsored vehicle must have a confirmed racing schedule for the current or upcoming season. Plus, you must also display a list of events in which it will be competing.

2. Show Vehicle

The sponsored vehicle must have a calendar of confirmed show appearance dates and a scheduled editorial feature in at least one national automotive publication. PLEASE NOTE: A news story covering the show at which the car is on display is not equivalent to a full editorial feature on the vehicle. The owner/builder should have a solid history of show wins for the current or past show car.

A previous association with Turbosmart is a must for a Turbosmart team ambassador. However, exceptions can be made under exceptional circumstances.

Turbosmart Sponsorship Approval Process

Each sponsorship proposal is approved or rejected based on its own merits. Since long-term sponsorships are reviewed yearly, they are renewed or terminated based on the performance/exposure of the sponsored vehicle.

Turbosmart Sponsorship Conditions

How to become a Team Turbosmart Ambassador? You must demonstrate the following:

  • First, show that you are actively and regularly racing and showing your vehicle.
  • Next, use the provided Turbosmart products for the entirety of the agreed-upon terms. Provide proof products have been installed.
  • Show that you have your website and/or Facebook page. Actively display the Turbosmart or Team Turbosmart Logo.
  • Publicly and positively mention Turbosmart after each positive result in a race/show via your website or social media page.
  • Agree to provide Turbosmart with monthly updates. This includes photos or videos, whether that is built progress, race results, or show results.
  • Agree to give Turbosmart reasonable access to the vehicle for promotional purposes, whether photography, video, static display at events, or others.
  • Actively hare Turbosmart product launches/promos on your Social Media & Websites.
  • Positively mention Turbosmart in all press articles about the vehicle/builder/driver.
  • Lastly, provide prominent space on the vehicle for the Turbosmart logo. It’s important to note that the size and placing will be determined on a case by case basis.

Please Read Carefully

It’s important to note that any negative statements about Turbosmart will be considered a breach of contract. Furthermore, Turbosmart reserves the right to charge for any goods provided IF these conditions are NOT met.

In addition, Team Turbosmart Ambassadors are encouraged to provide names and contact details of any businesses they know would be interested in stocking Turbosmart products.

It is essential to know that Turbosmart reserves the right to use all available car images and owner as a sponsor. Specifically for marketing advertising and promotional purposes. These may include:

  • Publication and Magazine.
  • Web and Social Media
  • Billboard Advertising.
  • Newsletters.
  • Other trade promotions.


Please stay in the loop and get updates on the next sponsorship opportunity with Turbosmart by following us on Facebook and Instagram. To express your interest in this prospect, please submit your application following the following instructions. It is important to note all application submissions will only be accepted via email. Don’t forget to attach your proposal along with the application form.

How to Apply for a Sponsorship?

1. Read the above sponsorship conditions. Ensure you can fulfil your obligations before applying.

2. Next, read about our How to Obtain and Retain Sponsorships article.

3. Make sure you have a proposal document to include with your Sponsorship Application.

3. Download and complete the Sponsorship Application FormIt’s also important to note that submissions without a completed application form will be ignored.

4. Furthermore, make sure to complete all the necessary fields. In addition, include some images of your vehicle.

5. Lastly, post or email the completed application form and a proposal to Turbosmart. 

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