November 8, 2019 Products

Turbosmart Fabricator Series: Barrel Clamps Reinvented

Turbosmart Barrel Clamps

Turbosmart releases their own take on the humble barrel clamp. Taking the industry norm features such as:

  • Stainless Steel hardware,
  • Low profile design
  • Added extension to the inner bridge to protect whatever it is you’re clamping. (Where other designs will pinch!) 
  • Quick-release bolt system for faster & easier install.

Universal products from Turbosmart such as External Wastegates and Blow Off Valves require custom fitment and in some instances fabrication. Turbosmart is expanding its catalogue with the components and accessories needed to do just that. Any system is only as good as the weakest link and with that in mind, Turbosmart want to ensure all their customers have access to quality gear needed to get the job done!

Barrel Clamp Features

The Barrel Clamps features are a result of industry feedback and bringing design features and end-user needs together. The new Turbosmart Barrel Clamps means quicker installation, removal & refit is quicker and easier as well as a more consistent load being applied by the clamp for a more reliable seal, even in high performance, vibration and boost environments.

Available in a range of sizes from 35mm (1.38″) up to 92mm (3.62″) through Turbosmart’s global network of distributors and offices, there’s bound to be a new quality clamp in your area soon.




TS-HCB-038  Barrel Hose Clamp (35-42mm / 1.38-1.65″)

TS-HCB-045  Barrel Hose Clamp (41-48mm / 1.61-1.89″)

TS-HCB-051  Barrel Hose Clamp (47-54mm / 1.85-2.13″)

TS-HCB-057  Barrel Hose Clamp (54-61mm / 2.13-2.4″)

TS-HCB-063  Barrel Hose Clamp (60-67mm / 2.36-2.64″)

TS-HCB-069  Barrel Hose Clamp (66-73mm / 2.6-2.87″)

TS-HCB-076  Barrel Hose Clamp (73-80mm / 2.6-3.15″)

TS-HCB-082 Barrel Hose Clamp (79-86mm / 3.11-3.39″)

TS-HCB-088 Barrel Hose Clamp (85-92mm / 3.35-3.62″)

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can Turbosmart Barrel Clamps be used on Intake or charge pipes?

Yes. Turbosmart Barrel Clamps can be used just about anywhere you might need a ‘hose clamp’ plus some extra, more demanding uses. You can hold silicon or rubber to alloy/aluminium pipe as well as steel

Can Turbosmart Barrel Clamps be used on exhaust systems?

Yes. Turbosmart Barrel Clamps can be used to secure slip joints on exhaust systems made from any material.

Why is there a bridge under the securing bolt? And why is it important?

This is there to eliminate pinching of hoses common with other designs, which can fatigue and eventually damage your valuable engine bay hardware and plumbing. The bridge ensures the hose is kept consistent & true as you load the clamp up. It also provides a more evenly distributed force when loading up the clamp against any surface, improving the join reliability in harsh & demanding environments.

Why Quick Release?

For speed & Ease of use! Installation is easier, removing and refitting them is easier – Less demand on the thread than a traditional design will mean longer service life as well.

Where can I get them?

Wherever Turbosmart products can be found. Turbosmart have their own office in 3 countries (Australia, USA and UK) and Export to a further 50 countries worldwide.