Turbosmart Releases Modular Vacuum Reference & Sensor Blocks
November 1, 2022 Promotion

Turbosmart Releases Modular Vacuum Reference & Sensor Blocks

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Turbosmart Releases New Modular System for Vacuum Reference and Remote Sensor Mounting

Turbosmart is excited to release a new Modular system for vacuum reference and sensor distribution. The modular system includes vacuum reference distribution blocks and remote mounting sensor manifolds, which allow you to mount expensive and necessary sensors away from heat and vibration. You can have all reference distribution blocks, a 3-channel sensor manifold, or a combination of both or build your own with any elements to suit your needs! The units are mixed & match and click together and reliably so you can build your own to suit your needs. Billet Aluminum and anodized black, with all Sensor and Reference ports being 1/8NPT.

Relocating Sensors away from the heat and vibration of an engine is essential for sensor life and data quality. Having a reference and vacuum manifold means having a neat, centralized and balanced reference signal for essential engine components such as fuel pressure regulators, MAP sensors, wastegates etc. 

Designed to provide clean installation options for critical engine sensors, Turbosmart’s new Modular system offers Reference Distribution Blocks and Remote Sensor Manifold Blocks, which can be mixed & matched. This allows users to relocate sensors away from heat sources and vibrations that can shorten their lifespan or distort readings. The blocks are machined from billet aluminium and then anodized black with all the necessary ports in 1/8 NPT; perfect for any application where accurate readings are essential such as fuel pressure regulators or MAP sensors. Combine this with the reference distribution block, which provides a central location for multiple channels of remote-mounted sensors; it’s easy to see how this modular kit could be used in any build – street or race car alike!

Vacuum / Reference Distribution

Engine bays can get over-run with several hoses and T-Pieces to share the engine MAP reference with engine components such as the Fuel Pressure Regulator, The Engine’s ECU via a MAP Sensor, Blow Off Valve, Wastegate Actuator and Boost Control Solenoids… The Reference Distribution Block can simplify this problem and creates a neater engine bay by centralizing this reference signal in one block, which is neat & simple via a shared, multi-port Vacuum / Reference Distribution block.

Remote Sensor Manifolds

Remote Mounting of Sensors is a way of isolating expensive and sensitive sensors from unnecessary heat and vibration. A well-isolated sensor will last longer and provide higher-quality data to your ECU and data logging gear. By servicing the sensor with the source via quality lines the remote sensor manifold can be mounted in a dry, cooler and more stable environment, such as the inner guard of the bulkhead of your engine bay.

Modular System

By sharing a standard modular connecting system that can be expanded and mixed & matched to suit your needs, the Turbosmart Modular reference and sensor system is a professional mounting system that can improve sensor data & longevity while tidying up busy engine bays. Unlike any other options, the modular Turbosmart system can be built-to and tailored to suit your needs and personal requirements!

Available Now via our Website or contact your favourite Turbosmart Dealer!

Modular Reference Distribution Manifold

Modular Remote Sensor Manifold

Modular Combo (Reference & Sensor) Manifold

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Modular Vacuum Reference & Sensor Blocks

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Modular Vacuum Reference & Sensor Blocks

Engineered to Win!