GenV RacePort Plumback Valve (Sleeper) Female Flange

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The Turbosmart RacePort is famous for being an amazingly small and light BOV for turbocharged competition-level engines. Featuring our unique collar design and internal flow structures, it is 50% lighter and 25% smaller than the competition while flowing huge CFM – making it the highest flowing 50mm / 2.0″ valve on the market.

New for 2023! – The RacePort Plumback

The GenV Plumback RacePort valve is a heavy-duty recirculating and plumb back diverter valve/dump valve that relies on the technology and advances that came before it, simply adding the ability and functionality to recirculate rather than vent to the atmosphere. We’ve kept the weight low, the flow is high, and the feature menu full to ensure there is an option to suit your needs, all packaged in a sleek sleeper series RacePort Plumback, which will suit any low-profile engine bay requiring a diverter and bypass-valve, capable of enormous flow and low compromise! 

Available in 

TS-0204-1405: GenV Plumback Raceport Sleeper 

TS-0204-1415: GenV Plumback Raceport Sleeper Suit Superchargers 

TS-0204-1425: GenV Plumback Raceport Sleeper (Peer / Female Flange) 

TS-0204-1435: GenV Plumback Raceport Sleeper Suit Superchargers (Peer / Female Flange)


Hall effect non-contact position sensor cap upgrade: TS-0204-1232

Features 38mm recirculation fitting Billet 6000 series aluminium construction Quick release aluminium V-band clamp 2.0″ / 50mm inlet Mil-spec hard anodized valve guide and stem Turbosmart unique locking collar Hi-temp mil-spec silicone Nomex diaphragm Boost-balance technology Positive sealing valve seat Twin 1/8″ NPT reference ports Optional valve position sensor upgrade

- +

Supplied With

GenV Plumback Racport Valve

1/8 NPT Reference Fittings

V-band assembly

Profiled alloy weld-on fitting

Blue Spring Rated -18 to -14 Inhg (installed)

Turbosmart Decal

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