Looking after your BOV or BPV

Your Turbosmart BOV or BPV is designed to provide you with years of reliable service, providing a simple maintenance schedule is observed.

Turbosmart recommends that the following maintenance procedure is carried out at six monthly intervals or at higher intervals if the environment is very dusty or wet. Regular maintenance will ensure that your BOV is operating at its peak performance and will extend the working life of the product.

To demonstrate this procedure we have used the Kompact Series Dual Port, the same steps apply to all Turbosmart BOVs and BPVs.

Remove the cap of the BOV by rotating in an anti-clockwise direction – CAUTION, the cap is under spring force, remove with care!

Remove the spring.

Carefully remove the piston and thoroughly clean the piston and the bore of the BOV.

Inspect the surface of the piston and the bore of the BOV for scoring or excessive wear, silver coloured marks on the bore are an indication of excessive wear.

Lubricate the bore and the piston with Uni-Glide™, hydraulic oil or sewing machine oil – DO NOT use grease or viscous oils

Check the O-ring for any damage – replace if necessary. The Kompact Series BOVs and BPVs have only one O-ring (shown), whereas all Type 5 BOVs and BPVs have a thin indicator O-ring as well as a sealing O-Ring on the body.

Re-assemble the BOV in the reverse order.

See the Turbosmart BOV and BPV range here

4 thoughts on “Looking after your BOV or BPV

  1. Hi I live in nsw australia where bov’s are illegal. I just bought an xr6 turbo with a bov already installed. Can I simply remove the bov, manufacture a plate to fit over the hole of the old bov and remove the vacuum line. It’s there an easier way to do this? Is there any such plate that can be purchased? Thank you in advance for any info you can give me.

    • Hi, unfortunately we don’t have a picture of a worn BOV to show you, but when the piston or body become excessively scored or damaged that the BOV no longer seals properly, then you could say it is worn out. But it would have to be quite extreme wear.