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3 Common Misconceptions About External Wastegates

Turbosmart Reveals Common Misconceptions About External Wastegates


The 3 common misconceptions about external eastegates and what you need to know when choosing the right wastegate for your setup. With so many contradicting opinions and recommendations. It’s a little wonder that choosing the right Wastegate for your application can be confusing.

At Turbosmart we try to dispel some myths and shed light on the most common misconceptions regarding external wastegates.




1. The More Powerful The Engine, The Bigger The Wastegate You Will Need



A popular misconception that a wastegate is possibly the only component in your whole engine package that can actually be made smaller, as you increase your boost/horsepower output is false. Below is a simple guide to help you:

  • A Big Turbo/Low Boost = Bigger Wastegate.
  • A Big Turbo/High Boost = Smaller Wastegate.
  • A Small Turbo/High Boost = Smaller Wastegate.
  • A Small Turbo/Low Boost = Bigger Wastegate.

2. Wastegates Don’t Operate In High Temperatures



Contrary to the popular belief, external wastegates are usually mounted at the hottest part of the exhaust. This is the place where all the exhaust gases meet, creating extra heat. Moreover, when combined with the late combustion of unburnt fuel (due to rich mixtures, retarded timing and high octane fuels) significantly raises the exhaust temperature.

3. Larger Wastegate Valve Diameters Equal Better Flow.


This is true! However, while the valve diameter is without a doubt an important part of the flow rate. Equally important, but often misunderstood, is the relevence of the flow path. Hence, when comparing wastegates with similar valve size. It is very important to have a balanced body/valve/spring combination that is designed to work together. Furthermore, this will allow for maximum boost control. To conclude, all Turbosmart wastegates are designed with this in mind.

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