Why You should Buy a Turbosmart Manual Boost controller?
September 19, 2011 Products

Why You should Buy a Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller?


Looking to Buy A Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller?

The Turbosmart Mechanical (gated) boost controllers are one of the best dollars for horsepower upgrades that you can make to your turbocharged petrol or diesel engine vehicle. When you decide to buy a manual boost controller from Turbosmart, you know:

  1. All Turbosmart products are Engineered to Win!
  2. Your buying genuine, high-quality Australian Manufactured turbo parts. 
  3. If you’re not using genuine parts, you are not Turbosmart!

Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller Gate Features Include:

  1. Our exclusive gate feature minimizes wastegate creep. This can improve the turbo response by up to 800 RPM earlier in the rev range. This means that you can increase the performance and response of your engine, even without raising the maximum boost level.
  2. Increase in the stability of boost over wastegate spring pressure:

3. The driver can use and set two boost control settings controlled via a switch.

4. Renowned for easy installation.

5. Known for its robust design and stability.

6. Our detent adjustment system allows for accurate and simple tuning of boost pressure.

7. It requires little maintenance.

8. Australian Manufactured from high-grade brass and billet aluminium. 

When do You Need to Upgrade and Buy a Turbosmart Gated Boost Controller?

The Turbosmart Gated Boost Control Valve range is ideal for mildly modified turbocharged engines. Above all, it’s perfect for increasing boost levels on factory turbo cars and turbocharged engines.


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Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller Setup
Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller Setup

Here is a handy self-help guide to helping you with your Turbosmart install and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get here. Turbosmart recommends that you get your products fitted and tuned by a qualified technician. If you choose to install the product yourself, ensure you have all the necessary tools and technical knowledge required to perform this task.

Thank you for picking up the latest Turbosmart catalogue. As we look back on 25 fantastic years of innovation and growth, we continue to look towards the future as we release some revolutionary new products that will cement our reputation as innovators and market leaders.

Please contact us here and fill out a quick form so that our team can efficiently help you!

The last few years have been a little wild for everyone, and we’re not immune - but we have managed to expand our product range and manufacturing and distribution footprint. We’ve continued to innovate and keep our team and their families safe in uncertain times. Turbosmart products are all manufactured in-house in our Sydney, Australia, Head Office. We’ve been able to support our customers throughout these challenging times seamlessly. Despite the challenges of distance, we always continued to keep the demands and expectations of our customers our top priority, making sure our solutions are in stock and well supported where and when our customers need them!
Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller
Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller


Engineered to Win!

Turbosmart prides itself in providing customers with the absolute pinnacle in boost control management. Whether it be for your street or race application, Turbosmart has a range of manual boost controllers to help you service your needs.

Turbosmart Boost Control Range

Engineered to Win!

Turbosmart prides itself in providing customers with the absolute pinnacle in boost control management. Whether it be for your street or race application, Turbosmart has a range of boost controllers to help you service your needs.

Turbosmart Manual Boost Control

About Turbosmart

From our humble beginnings to establishing ourselves as a global brand, Turbosmart is well on track to lead the future in turbo technology.

Our engineers build and track test all products in-house. Therefore, we ensure we’re continuously producing the highest quality blow off valves, wastegates, boost controllers, gauges, pressure regulators, and hoses. Furthermore, our products are designed and built for both track and street applications.

Turbosmart Boost Tee Installation Tutorial

Engineered to Win!

This installation tutorial is performed on a Mitsubishi Evolution 8 but will apply to most popular vehicle’s.

E-Boost 2 Basic Setup & tech Tips

Engineered to Win!

E-Boost2 is a fully featured programmable electronic device. 

eboost2 Setup

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